Visitor Experience

Let us uncover monastic life within the Liberties for you by exploring the history and archaeology of the Augustinian Abbey of St Thomas’s. Through an interactive experience you will be guided through the day in the life of an Augustinian monk. Learn about commerce, trade and religion and the role of the monastic orders in Dublin. Our specialised tours will bring you on an unforgettable experience through a series of interactive audio and visual displays, exhibitions and historical reconstructions depicting the day in the life as a Augustinian Monk in medieval Dublin.

  • Archaeology Exhibitions: Informative exhibits and displays revealing discoveries from some of the most important excavations associated with the abbey of St Thomas’s and the Liberties.
  • History of the Liberties: Learn about the history & archaeology of the Liberties and the role of St Thomas’s Abbey through interactive displays & exhibitions.
  • The Liberties Digital Scrapbook: Through pictures and stories we will let the community tell their very own story of the Liberties and how they remember it with an Online Digital Scrapbook.
  • The Crux: Our groundbreaking digital simulation displayed in 3D projections and installations recreates monastic life in medieval Dublin. This unique visitor experience will take your breath away by using the most up to date audio and visual technology
  • Historical Reconstructions: Visit a reconstruction of a typical monastic building associated with the Abbey of St Thomas’s. Learn about the typical day to day life of a monk and the activities which took place within the abbey. Our historical reconstruction will be used for educational workshops, more information on this can be seen on the Learning Zone page.
  • Learning Zones: Dedicated educational area for children where they can excavate the remains of the abbey and carry out associated workshops and activities.
  • Themed Events: Step back into Medieval Dublin and meet some of our ancestors and learn about their daily lives with heritage and family day festivals. You can experience medieval life through craftspeople such as Blacksmiths, Archers, Carpenters, Leather workers and Potters within our outdoor attraction. Learn and sample goods and wears including traditional clothing, crafts and culinary food from medieval times.