Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website and to the Dublin Uncovered project for the Liberties. We are currently in the process of creating a unique outdoor interactive centre as an incubus for research, education, community training, employment and interpretation of the Liberties’ rich heritage for the wider audience.

On every aspect we hope to break new boundaries, particularly regarding:

  • how archaeology is processed
  • community access and ownership
  • how heritage is interpreted
  • sustainable social enterprise approaches for heritage using inventive methodologies.

We are here to offer diverse, non­intrusive and digital means of interpretation so that for the first time in Ireland, medieval archaeology will be understood ‘fresh from the ground’. Excavation is just one of our objectives and we are hoping to carry this out as part of our long­term aim by working closely alongside the relevant statutory bodies and partners to fulfil our goal. We will provide a platform for the community to build a database of their stories, songs, photos and memories of the Liberties into one­stop social history store working with ground breaking methodologies.