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Dublin Uncovered will be informing members of the community for upcoming public events about the project and what to expect over the next few years. We are looking for as much support as possible and we hope to build a strong presence in the local area in order to provide the Liberties with a new […]

As part of our most recent news and with thanks to Dublin City Council for the funding and Earthsound for carrying out a Geophysical Survey of the site of St Thomas’s Abbey. We hope to disseminate the results of our findings as soon as they are made available. So watch this space!

Welcome to our new website and to the Dublin Uncovered project for the Liberties. We are currently in the process of creating a unique outdoor interactive centre as an incubus for research, education, community training, employment and interpretation of the Liberties’ rich heritage for the wider audience. On every aspect we hope to break new […]