Learning Zone

Unique and Interactive educational zones dedicated to children who can explore life in medieval times through the eyes of archaeologists. Our Big Dig will allow children to excavate the remains of the abbey through our simulated archaeological excavation and much more. Our hands-on educational workshops and activities let children explore the daily life of a monk and their role in the community through commerce, trade and religion.

  • The Big Dig: Hands-on practical and fun activity workshop where children can uncover the treasures of the past by excavating the remains of the abbey and much more!
  • Archaeology Camps: Dublin Uncovered will provide archaeology camps during the school holidays. Our camps will provide hands-on activities, tours, excursions and much much more! Children who have a craving to learn and soak up knowledge about the world around them, then this is the place for them!
  • Pottery Making: Get your hands dirty with our pottery making workshop, learn to make your very own pot and how pottery has helped archaeologists reveal stories from the past!
  • Medieval Tile Printing: Learn about the design and manufacturing of tiles and try make you very own medieval tile from our ancient abbey and print it on site.
  • Activity Workshops: Throughout the year themed workshops and activities will be available on certain weekends. For more information please contact our education department.