Through outreach projects and social programmes Dublin Uncovered will play a vital role in connecting places, people and histories to the site of St Thomas’s and the Liberties within Dublin 8. As a heritage and educational centre, Dublin Uncovered has a responsibility to focus on engaging the local community by building a positive sense of connection and belonging for people to the area and to the site of St Thomas’s. Through community involvement we believe we can create strong social cohesion and networks which are fundamental for sustainable and thriving area.

Dublin Uncovered will provide an historical hub for the local community to engage with their heritage beyond the confines of the centre. The Liberties are an extremely historically potent and culturally rich area and we will actively seek to facilitate local heritage groups, schools and other interested members of the local community in utilising the centre and its resources as base for their own explorations of the area’s history, archaeology and heritage. Our team’s expertise in public and community based archaeology and heritage means that expert advice would always be on hand to help local people plan, develop and carry out their own heritage projects within the area.

  • Public Talks/Lectures: As part of our public outreach programme Dublin Uncovered will disseminate findings from the archaeology record and through on-going research. A series of public talks and lectures discussing the history of the area and the previous results from archaeological excavations related to the Abbey will be presented within our interpretative centre.
  • Local Festivals & Events: Dublin Uncovered will provide local community events and festivals throughout the year. Watch this space for more info!
  • Placements/Work Experience/Training: Contact us for more information about opportunities for joining us on the build of the project.
  • Employment: Contact us at or by Tel: +353 87 7556808 for employment opportunities.